What Is The FreeWoly (FWoly)


FreeWoly (FWoly)

Similar to innovations brought by EOS and Filecoin, FreeWoly infuses a refreshing vibe into the cryptocurrency market. The upcoming project combines the fun and entertainment of the meme world with the earning potential altcoins offer. FWoly takes a cue from the mass success of the Farmville game and pushes a similar concept to the crypto realm with the support of augmented reality technology.

Like other meme coins, FWoly focuses on entertainment but with a more interactive and rewarding. Its play-to-earn model provides greater financial benefits to FreeWoly users, token buyers, and community members. The platform seeks to capture the fast-rising augmented reality-based games to spur its growth and expansion. With a farm-based game, where everything is an NFT to trade, FreeWoly plans to draw attention to a new world of meme excitement. Designed as a stimulating ecosystem, the FWoly game has more realistic images, sounds, and interaction. 

At $0.05, FreeWoly presales starting from the third quarter of 2022 offer an enviable opportunity for buyers in the coin market. It is set for a beta version and crypto exchange listing in the fourth quarter, which will also see marketing, events, and promotions to push for FreeWoly adoption. In 2023, users will have more, including a cross-chain transfer exchange and the ability to create a customized video game strategy.



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