What Does FTX Mean to Mark Cuban?


Shark Tank Star and NBA Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Sees Bitcoin as Good Investment
Cuban does not consider the FTX Debacle as a Crypto failure, but a case of corruption.

Shark Tank star and NBA Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban believes in the power of Bitcoin [BTC] as an investment. The billionaire also expressed his desire to see BTC fall further so he can buy it again. In an episode of the Random Club podcast hosted by comedian Bill Maher, Cuban discussed both Bitcoin and gold.

Although Maher is anti-Bitcoin and believes in the value of gold, Cuban rejects the idea of ​​viewing gold as an investment. He went on to say that gold, like Bitcoin, is also a store of value.

The Shark Tank star added, “It’s a digital business and it’s a value store… So people are realizing that there’s value associated with gold, and there’s value associated with Bitcoin.”

“I want Bitcoin to go down a lot so I can buy more,” Cuban said. Despite Bitcoin being a real currency, Cuban says he doesn’t advise people to buy cryptocurrency.

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Two Cents of Mark Cuban and FTX Landing

Despite the current crypto crisis caused by the failure of the current FTX cryptocurrency exchange, Cuban believes in the potential of the currency. He previously said that the failure of FTX was not a concern, but a case of corruption.

While admitting he doesn’t know all the details, he said former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried “SBF” should be worried about spending a long time in prison.

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