3 strong crypto bets for 2022: Theta Network (THETA), PancakeSwap (CAKE), and Mehracki (MKI)


Finding the right mix for your crypto portfolio is a very difficult task as there are so many cryptocurrencies to choose from. It can become quite tricky for new users to find the right balance. We have done the hard work for you and have selected 3 strong crypto bets with potential for 2022. Mehracki news…

These include the Theta Network (THETA), PancakeSwap (CAKE), and a new cryptocurrency known as Mehracki (MKI)

These three cryptos were selected in order to provide the right mix for your crypto portfolio. The Theta Network will service the television of the future while CAKE is used to power the decentralized exchange for Binance smart Chain tokens. 

The Mehracki token will be used as a payment currency for the hospitality and tourism industry. It will help users to pay for hotel accommodations and bookings throughout the world. Let’s find out if these three cryptocurrencies can help you reap big profits in 2022. 

Theta Network partners with Sony

Sony Corporation has partnered with Theta to launch 3D NFTs. The proposed NFTs will be created for the Sony Special Reality Display (SRD),  an upcoming tablet that will include technologies like augmented reality and 3D capability. The tablet was showcased on Sony’s YouTube channel. Sony plans to incorporate NFTs and metaverse capabilities into its devices in the near future. 

The Theta network will continue to remain relevant because of the exciting updates planned for the future. The partnership with Sony might result in a price spike for the THETA token. 

PancakeSwap introduces a proposal for adjusting farm rewards

PancakeSwap has introduced a proposal to tweak farm rewards on its ecosystem. It will help in diverting rewards from pools that have not performed well and issuing them to pools that are yielding better incomes. This proposal (if passed) will reduce rewards on underperforming pools and redirect them towards pools that perform well. 

The proposal has been created after considering 14-day volumes, the number of token holders, and various other parameters. The CAKE Token is used as a governance token on the PancakeSwap ecosystem and such proposals require a majority vote.

Simplicity, usability, and interactivity are the 3 pillars of the Mehracki ecosystem

The Mehracki ecosystem is built upon the three principles of simplicity, usability, and interactivity. The interface design will be straightforward and the MKI token has a strong use case as a payment coin. Users will be able to interact in the form of staking, liquidity mining rewards, and the ability to own NFTs that will be available on the marketplace.

The MKI platform will reward holders by distributing NFTs which will be known as feel-good NFTs. They will represent the tier to which a holder belongs and will help in tracking the number of milestones collected.

The primary purpose of the MKI Token is to serve as a payment currency between customers and hotel service providers. However, it is not a simple payment currency, it also has a reward mechanism for users attached. The rewards will be publicly available and claimable on the blockchain and the data will be public since the entire system is decentralized. 

Users will be able to save on currency conversion charges and hotel owners will be able to save on third-party commissions. Enterprises will be able to create better tourist memories and customers will be able to get an atmosphere where they can relax and get attractive discounts.

The MKI Token is a very strong bet for 2022 as it has long utility and has introduced many exciting rewards for its holders.

You can add the three tokens above and diversify your holdings to get a better return over the long term. Always diversify in order to reduce risk and select cryptos that service different sectors. 

To find out more about Mehracki click below:

Presale: https://buy.mehracki.io/register 

Website: http://mehracki.io 

Telegram: https://t.me/Mehracki_Official 


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