Mehracki (MKI) might witness a price spike sooner than Algorand (ALGO) and Cronos (CRO)


Mehracki (MKI), Algorand (ALGO), and Cronos (CRO) are three cryptocurrencies that can develop into great assets in the future. However, if you are looking for quicker returns, then Mehracki is a good bet as it seeks to solve issues surrounding the hospitality and tourism business. The MKI Token will be established as a utility coin with NFT functionality, DeFi farming, and rewards where both users and businesses will be able to mutually benefit in an umbrella ecosystem. Let’s find out why these three coins offer market-beating returns.

A resurgent tourism sector could help bullish prospects of Mehracki 

The tourism sector took a severe beating during the coronavirus pandemic but is poised for recovery and the Mehracki Token can take advantage of this unique opportunity. Businesses today depend upon third-party payment processors which charge heavy commissions but the MKI Token can help in removing the reliance on such third parties by allowing customers to pay directly through cryptocurrencies.

The MKI Token will verify and authenticate transactions on the blockchain and will provide faster post-trade settlements than fiat currencies There will be no need for a currency conversion fee as the Mehracki Token will be used to pay directly for goods and services. At present, users need to pay a currency conversion fee but crypto can help in solving such issues. 

Businesses will be able to benefit because they will be able to permit bigger discounts to their customers as there is a simple 0.5% same transaction charge for utilizing the MKI Token. Businesses will also be able to provide rewards in the form of NFTs which in turn can be monetized by the user. The MKI Token can also be staked and farmed for additional rewards. 

To ensure that the Mehracki Token can process transactions on a low fee model, the Solana network has been selected because of its low fees and quicker transaction times. The Mehracki Token can be purchased through a presale which can be found at the bottom of this page.  

Algorand sees a strong rise in staked volume

The Algorand Token has experienced a bullish rise as the total value locked in the DeFi network has risen by about 7%. In the past few weeks, the ALGO Token has displayed bullish tendencies even as the broader crypto market turns bearish. The Algorand network has come up with many interesting updates and has also managed to secure a partnership with FIFA that will help in publicizing the blockchain to millions of users across the world. The ALGO Token was trading at 0.7 at the time of writing and has delivered gains of 572.1% to date. 

Cronos announces the third batch of ecosystem grant recipients

The Cronos ecosystem grants program was established in December 2021 to support early-stage project innovators with monetary, technical, and marketing support and to partner entrepreneurs who are building on the CRO network. The Cronos ecosystem has announced the third round of grant recipients. Some of these winners include interesting projects such as DG Pals which is a collectible virtual pets NFT game. Defira is a metaverse gaming ecosystem comprising a fantasy world mixing two concepts of DeFi and Gamefi. Another recipient is Argo which is a liquid staking protocol and will help in increasing the popularity of the CRO Token. RockX is a staking platform that will provide both free and paid access node APIs for Cronos developers.  

Mehracki Token is one of the strongest bets among these three cryptos and you can consider it for the long term. A good idea is to find out if the utility offered by a coin solves real-life problems. The Mehracki Token will help the tourism industry in its recovery and will provide benefits to both customers as well as business owners. 

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