Ripple (XRP) Whales Are Moving


Recently, a total of 411 million Ripple (XRP) has moved, while a whale alone has moved 239 million XRP.
During the intense period of the crypto bear market, big news made the agenda intense. FTX, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange, has gone bankrupt. In addition, in the contentious case between Ripple and the SEC, the Ripple side came very close to winning. Dec. All these processes were expressed as the last brews of the crypto bear market for many investors. However, some argue that these processes are just the beginning. As the discussions of the mobility in the market continue, XRP whales have started to appear. Recently, 411 million units of XRP have moved.


Ripple (XRP) Whales Are Preparing

During the intense days of the crypto bear market, Ripple (XRP) whales began to move their assets.

XRP whales have become more active recently and carry out large amounts of transfers through different transactions. Whale Alert reported that 239 million XRP was transferred from an unknown wallet to another address. This transaction, which took place from an anonymous wallet to another anonymous wallet, attracted attention. This transaction alone was an average asset of $ 90 million.
An hour after this major transaction took place, it was observed that the buyer of the coins also moved tens of millions of XRP. According to Bithomp data, another $ 9 million in transfers took place in different transactions.

Whale Alert also reported other major transfer transactions. Recently, it was observed that 30 million XRP units were transferred to the Bitstamp exchange. Then, according to the data obtained, 42 million XRP units were withdrawn from the Bitstamp exchange.

Whales Await Ripple Lawsuit

The end of the case between Ripple and the SEC is nearing Dec. The crypto industry has agreed that the winner of the case will be the Ripple side. Strong whales may be preparing for the outcome of the case. However, there have been retreats in the XRP price recently. This was influenced by the bad course of the market and the collapse of FTX. Nevertheless, the anonymous whales seem confident that the popular cryptocurrency will make a bull run.

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