Polkadot, Avalanche, and Big Eyes Coin Can Save Your Portfolio From the Crypto Decline. Here’s Why!


Even if the cryptocurrency market is expected to be very bearish for the majority of 2022, adoption is still rising. To address the constantly changing demands of the market, new currencies are emerging and older coins are strengthening their fundamentals. This suggests that investors may be in for significant gains in 2023. 

In light of this, we examine the top cryptocurrency expected to soar in 2023 as well as cryptocurrencies with the greatest room for growth. One successful presale cryptocurrency is Big Eyes Coin (BIG). The platform is still in its early phases of development, and a presale is now underway for its cryptocurrency. This hasn’t stopped the meme coin, though; in six stages of its presale, it raised $10 million, shattering previous records. Learn more about Big Eyes and how Polkadot and Avalanche can save your portfolio from declines.

Polkadot (DOT): Leading Blockchain Platform 

Polkadot (DOT) is one of the top cryptocurrencies with substantial growth potential during the upcoming bull run. The price of Polkadot (DOT), which peaked at $54.98 on November 4, 2021, has dropped more than 89% to around $6 at the moment. On the other hand, recent improvements in the Polkadot ecosystem have inspired positive feelings that will undoubtedly drive up DOT pricing in the upcoming weeks. 

DOT tokens were initially issued and sold as a security. With this action, Polkadot should avoid issues with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As a top proof-of-stake blockchain platform, Polkadot (DOT) enables the cross-chain transfer of any data or asset, including tokens. It also connects and secures a platform of specialized blockchains. Recently, Polkadot upgraded to version 9270, and during the past three months, there has been a considerable uptick in on-chain development activity. In October, Polkadot growth hit a new zenith, and investors have predicted a rise in price over the next months.

Avalanche (AVAX): Highly Scalable Layer-1 Blockchain Platform 

Avalanche (AVAX) is a highly scalable layer-1 chain that is undoubtedly one among the top cryptocurrencies that will take off in 2023. Avalanche is a powerful new platform based on blockchain technology and this cutting-edge platform has swiftly become a favorite among developers and organizations thanks to its distinctive scalability and consistent network uptime. 

Avalanche (AVAX) differs from other blockchain systems in terms of its fundamental design, which guarantees that transactions are handled swiftly and effectively with no interference to network connectivity. Avalanche is renowned for its capacity to support numerous applications, allowing programmers to create intricate systems that function flawlessly. Avalanche is an unbeatable option whether you’re looking for the ideal solution for your upcoming major project or want a dependable platform to support your current applications.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Largest Meme Coin Platform  

To succeed, meme tokens with limited utility must remain relevant. However, Big Eyes Coin has demonstrated its dedication to delivering usefulness for its token by offering a platform that promotes the DeFi ecosystem’s expansion while being sustainable. A key component of Big Eyes Coin’s journey is marketing. The Big Eyes team exposed Big Eyes Coin to millions of prospective new users by placing advertisements on Marble Arch in London and Times Square in New York. Additionally, the 5% of BIG tokens in the marketing wallet will be used to support apparel and comic books with the adorable anime cat mascot for the Big Eyes Coin community.

Big Eyes Coin will maintain a charity wallet with 5% of its tokens, similar to the marketing wallet. These tokens, including a $2000 gift to Orca Network, were motivated by Snoop Dogg’s charitable activity and will go straight to ocean conservation reserves. Big Eyes Coin will also be based on the Ethereum (ETH) network. The carbon footprint of Ethereum has recently been reduced by 99.95% thanks to the replacement of its antiquated Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus with the more energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. 

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