Can Mushe (XMU) Live Up To The Expectations That Ethereum (ETH) And Flow (FLOW) Have Succeeded?


The number of cryptocurrencies continues to grow as more investors join the blockchain and although Ethereum is the favourite coin of many, plenty of other underrated coins are witnessing success. Mushe news…

Crypto Beyond Ethereum

The cryptocurrency market has evolved into a money-making sphere since its modest beginning and early start. Many have decided to start investing in the trading market as the popularity of digital tokens increases across social media.

But it can be hard to begin as you have to choose the right investment for you. Despite the fact that Ethereum and Bitcoin have made many rich, these tokens rank high in the market and are not in necessarily the fastest growing options. 

Take a look at underrated coins that have plenty of potential to generate revenue.

These Tokens Have A Potential For Profit

Mushe (XMU)

Although Mushe is currently in the presale stage, the project has promised to offer every type of asset that crypto can provide. 

For instance, investors will be able to access a Mushe Wallet that will aid in purchasing and exchanging tokens. The network will include a Mushe Chat that will restrict the access to personal data by intermediaries. 

Mushe is big on innovative features, which almost always include decentralised finance (DeFi). With Mushe DeFi, investors will be able to vote and play a lottery, getting access to rewards programs. 

Mushe’s native token is XMU and it’s been having a very successful presale. XMU is decentralised and enables peer-to-peer interaction.

Having developed a strong metaverse presence, MusheVerse will allow investors to socialise while taking part in play-to-earn games. But the metaverse feature do not end here. The Mushe Metabank will allow for token holders of XMU to access Metaverse products.

Furthermore, MusheVerse is set to become the fastest-growing ecosystem for NFTs. Mushe NFTs stand out from its competitors because these can be used to represent ownership of Mushe services.

Due to all these factors, this token could show some serious potential to combat the current downward trend of the market. 

Ethereum (ETH)

After launching in 2015, Ethereum is the biggest decentralised open-source blockchain system in the crypto market. It is one of the market-leading crypto projects for decentralisation and security in the whole ecosystem.

As one of the earliest cryptocurrencies to be priced in the market, Ethereum (ETH) was a true trendsetter and opened the doors for DeFi innovation in the digital financial industry. 

But the primary asset of the network is Ether (ETH) and is its governance and utility token. ETH Token has been the second-largest crypto coin by market capitalisation for a long time and continues to be extremely successful. Even though it is currently going through a bearish market, it is still one of the most profitiable options going forward. It will always be relevant and getting it at a cheaper price is a great boon.

Flow (FLOW)

Launched in 2019, Flow is a substantially fast decentralised finance project and developer-friendly blockchain.

But the project’s main focus is to design a platform for a new generation of games, apps, and other metaverse assets. 

Flow is the only layer-one blockchain currently in the market that was created with the intention to deliver remarkable consumer blockchain experiences such as CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot.

But the ecosystem has a native cryptocurrency, the FLOW token and it functions as an inclusive, and borderless digital coin. Not only does the token fuel the network, but users can use it to participate in the FLOW network to earn rewards. 

Although Ethereum is known by investors as a very profitable market-leading cryptocurrency, it is not the only crypto token that could make you money. Flow and Mushe offer plenty of crypto assets that you should definitely look into.

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