Ace The Crypto Game With These Top Performers: Mehracki (MKI), Cardano (ADA), And Polygon (MATIC)


Meme coins are an upcoming and evolving category of cryptocurrencies that are inspired by memes. With impressive returns, meme coins have gained traction among investors who are looking to diversify their assets. Mehracki news…

The developer community too has over the years helped the digital asset grow both in value and popularity by adding new features aimed at boosting investor interest. If you are someone who is just starting with cryptocurrency investments and is looking for a good meme coin to invest in, consider looking at Mehracki (MKI). It is a new cryptocurrency that could be a promising investment. In addition, for diversification purposes, established assets like Cardano (ADA), and Polygon (MATIC) can be considered too. Here’s a look at their features.

Mehracki: A community-driven meme coin with high APY

Mehracki is a decentralised and community-driven meme coin with a native token, MKI. The MKI Token can be purchased on presale and can be used for staking and other transactional purposes on the platform.

The meme coin has a special framework designed for retailers and merchants in the tourist and hospitality industry. With its extensive network of mediating financial institutions, Mehracki allows its users to pay for goods and services through blockchain technology. In other words, Mehracki users need to exchange or swap any tokens at any of its partner tourist and hospitality businesses. This way they don’t have to worry about carrying foreign exchange or multiple swapping fees while travelling internationally.

As far as the governance system goes, Mehracki plans to keep the momentum community driven. Users would be able to send in proposals for any changes that they would like to see in the way the Mehracki platform operates and the community would vote on it. If there is a tie, the final decision would rest with the core team. Each user’s voting rights would be based on factors like the number of points they have in their MKI Token balance, the number of NFTs they own, and their off-chain and on-chain activity. The activities that the governing body can vote on include addition or removal of assets from the liquidity pool, taxes imposed on transactions and how they are used, strategic partnerships and related matters, yield farming and the tourist and hospitality attractions that Mehracki would be donating to.

A rather unique reward that Mehracki users can look forward to when they achieve new spending levels are NFTs. The higher the milestone achieved, the rarer the NFT and consequently, the more value the asset will fetch in an NFT marketplace. Tourist centres, restaurants and hotels can launch their own NFTs for purposes like priority reservations and bookings, exclusive discounts and customised experiences. They can invest the proceeds from these NFTs towards building their business.

If you are looking to gather more information about the Mehracki platform and the MKI Token, you can click on any of the links given at the end of the article for more resources.

Cardano reaches 700,000 Reddit users

Cardano is a blockchain based platform that aims to drive impact globally by bringing together change makers and innovators and helping them build innovative solutions. Its native token, ADA, can be used for staking on the platform, among other transactional purposes. The platform amalgamates niche technologies to offer unmatched security and features for building decentralised apps and systems. Recently, Cardano announced that the number of its Reddit users reached the 700,000-mark in June 2022.

Polygon enters GraphHack 2022 as platinum sponsor

Polygon is a blockchain based platform that provides developers a secure and scalable framework to build user-friendly dApps powered by Web3 products. The platform has been used by more than 19,000 dApps for scaling purposes. Its native token MATIC can be used for staking and all other transactions made on the platform. Recently, Polygon announced that it was the platinum sponsor at GraphHack 2022. As part of the initiative, Polygon had announced $25,000 in bug bounties in four different categories. Among the 57 participating teams, 29 ended up building on Polygon. Nine of the participants walked home with the bounty rewards.

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