The man lost $3.6 billion after Terra Luna collapsed to $0 in May


A financial backer from South Korea named Simon Seojoon Kim cried his blues after declaring that he lost $3.6 billion in Terra Luna. Kim uncovered to Bloomberg that he put resources into Luna during its send off in 2018 and brought north of 30 million Luna tokens at its beginning. The early adopter clutched Luna through various challenges, and his arrangement of 30 million Luna tokens swelled to extraordinary additions of $3.6 billion.

Be that as it may, Kim lost everything after TerraUST and Luna emphatically fell to $0 in May this year. Luna had arrived at an unsurpassed high of $119 a month prior to it crashed 100 percent in the records.

Kim is simply among the many financial backers who lost a fortune after the disastrous crypto plunged to $0. A few financial backers who lost their investment funds endeavored self destruction, and the others slipped into sadness. It is accounted for that a group of three ended it all in the wake of losing all their cash in Luna. The stories and cries of financial backers are unending, and the accident was an unpleasant reality they needed to swallow and acknowledge powerfully.

The Investor Survived The Terra Luna Crash

Kim is sufficiently lucky to have endure the accident and carried on with a decent existence notwithstanding losing $3.6 billion. He uncovered that he has not lost trust despite everything has interests in cryptos, Metaverse, and Web3 portions. Kim has procured a name for himself in South Korea’s crypto circles, considering him a ‘crypto evangelist.’

He put from the get-go in Metaverse and gaming tokens like The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity, among others. Kim uncovered that he’d not lost trust in the crypto, Metaverse, and Web3 area regardless of losing a fortune.

However he lost acquires which can be called generational abundance, Kim actually has idealism on his side. “We trust locally’s development, and that has never showed signs of change. In the tech area, there’s no such thing as a portfolio that ensures a positive outcome. We make our speculations in view of that,” he shared with Bloomberg.

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