3 Cryptos closely watched by investors: Logarithmic Finance (LOG), Near Protocol (NEAR), and Avalanche (AVAX)


Cryptocurrency investors are keeping a close watch on Logarithmic Finance (LOG), Near Protocol (NEAR), and Avalanche (AVAX) as they are exhibiting signs of bullish behaviour. This can be confirmed by the rising volumes in these 3 coins which is usually a sign of increasing whale activity. Logarithmic Finance is a new layer 3 protocol that will help in providing a common platform for bringing together investors and project developers.

Near Protocol and Avalanche blockchain networks have been supporting many interesting dApps and have come up with cross-chain compatibility solutions to increase the adoption of their respective networks. Let’s find out whether these 3 coins can provide good returns for your crypto portfolio.

Logarithmic Finance will promote low fees cross-chain transfers

Logarithmic Finance is a non-custodial protocol that will help in decentralising liquidity options and the fundraising process, facilitating lower gas fees by helping in the cross-chain transfer of assets across multiple blockchain networks. The platform seeks to establish interoperability between major blockchain networks and reduce the barriers faced by project developers.

Decentralised finance (DeFi) liquidity pools have introduced many new products such as liquid staking, vaults, automated market makers, but have not been able to remove the bottlenecks and barriers surrounding the fundraising process. The LOG Token provides a flexible and easy onboarding process for new projects. Logarithmic Finance will help in catering to new project innovators who are looking for multi-chain networks so that they can access a blockchain network of their choice. 

Logarithmic Finance will provide access to two kinds of liquidity pools known as Direct Access Pool which will not have any vesting period and an alternative Time Freeze Pool which will involve a lock-in period. A dashboard will display information about the status of a pool and project managers will be able to access liquidity easily for their projects. The entire process of creating a pool has been simplified and project developers will be able to take advantage of reduced gas fees and multi-chain integrations with other blockchain networks.

The LOG Token will offer governance rights as the entire community will be DAO operated and users will also be able to stake their coins to earn a passive source of income which will depend on the number of tokens held by the user. As the ecosystem expands, more privileges will be offered to LOG Token holders. 

The LOG Token is currently available through a presale and can be bought at a price of $0.003578.  You can accumulate huge quantities of the LOG Token as it is available at very low prices.

Near Protocol ensures scalability through sharding

The Near Protocol is a highly scalable blockchain that has successfully integrated sharding which is the partitioning of the entire blockchain network into individual fragments known as shards. Sharding involves the division of the entire blockchain network into smaller fragments that help in ensuring a high level of scalability and the blockchain can easily expand to include more transactions. Up to 100,000 transactions per second are possible through shading and the Near Protocol has already integrated this technology and has managed to develop a dynamic resharding process. 

The NEAR Token has seen a considerable price appreciation and has soared by 50% in the past month. The Near Protocol is very user-friendly and the NEAR Token is used for the payment of transaction fees and also for staking purposes. It can be added to ensure high growth for your crypto portfolio. 

Avalanche gets listed on Cryoto.com for US investors

The AVAX Token has been listed on Crypto.com for US investors. It will help in the increased adoption of the Avalanche coin as the US remains one of the largest cryptocurrency markets in the entire world. Crypto.com is a popular cryptocurrency exchange operating in many regions of the world. Getting listed on the US branch will help the AVAX token gain more visibility among US institutional and retail investors. The Avalanche blockchain is a highly scalable and secure network with cross-chain functionality.

The three cryptocurrency tokens described above can be used to build a highly profitable portfolio for the long-term future. 

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