Earn big with these 3 cryptos: Elrond (ELGD), Logarithmic Finance (LOG), and Filecoin (FIL)


Do you want to earn big in cryptocurrencies but don’t know which coins to shortlist? For your benefit, we have selected three cryptocurrency tokens that have the potential to provide big profits in the future. Elrond (EGLD), Logarithmic Finance (LOG), and Filecoin (FIL) are three such cryptos that have the potential to deliver huge profits. Read on to find out whether an investment portfolio consisting of these three coins can fulfil your future requirements.  

Cryptocurrency holders have made huge profits in the long-term and you can do so too by well-timed investment in cryptocurrency tokens that have the potential to moon in the future.  

Elrond could witness a rally in the near future

The Elrond token seems to be poised for an upcoming bull run in the near future. The Elrond blockchain network brings 1000x improvement in throughput as compared to other blockchain networks by allowing for parallel transactions. The network is based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism which is why it is environmentally friendly and highly sustainable. 

The Elrond network provides support for multiple smart contract languages and can be deployed at the click of a button. The EGLD Token can be staked and allows users to earn a passive income. Moreover, you don’t need to delegate tokens as the staking process is non-custodial meaning you are always in possession of your funds. 

Logarithmic Finance could be headed for long term consolidation

The Logarithmic Finance token is currently being sold by a presale and you can get access to the LOG token by participating at an early stage. Buying the LOG token could deliver handsome profits in the future as it is cross-chain compatible and allows interoperable transfers between different blockchain networks. 

The Logarithmic Finance ecosystem brings together investors and project owners on the same platform. It allows project owners to deploy liquidity pools at the click of a button. Investors can then select the pool of their choice and there’s enough flexibility to decide which liquidity pool to select and on which blockchain network. Once the investor makes a decision, the funds are locked in two different pools depending on whether the investor wishes to lock funds for a particular period or wants access to a flexible Direct Access Pool.

The LOG token holders will be able to stake the coin and also earn from liquidity mining. Users will also be able to participate in network decisions through proposals put together by project developers. The entire community will function as a DAO.  

Since the LOG Token has not been launched yet and still is in the presale period, the upside potential for the coin is huge.  Investing in a token during the presale period can bring huge gains for you as a cryptocurrency investor.  Try and accumulate enough quantities so you can be in a position to earn big once the token is listed on mainstream exchanges. 

Filecoin consolidates and could enter a bull phase

Filecoin is a public cryptocurrency and payment network which will help in providing digital storage and data retrieval at a fraction of the cost currently levied by multinational corporations. The FIL Token is used inside the network for payment of transaction fees and has huge upside potential as file storage and distribution is big business across the world.  Filecoin allows users to allocate unused hard disk space to others in return for interest and the entire blockchain network is completely decentralised and is not under the control of a single party. 

Invest in these 3 tokens for gaining big in the future. You can find out more about the Logarithmic Finance Token through the links provided below. Always ensure you have enough funds for a rainy day and do not invest your entire savings in a single coin. 






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