Reap the Benefits of Crypto Launchpads With BoostX and Red Kite 


Launchpads are becoming the new big thing in the crypto market. Before, most users would invest in crypto projects by researching various options and making an informed decision based on what they want from a project and which have the most potential to succeed. BoostX news…

This can be quite time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for beginners. However, now the market is infused with various launchpads to help make this decision easier for investors

Created to promote reliable new crypto projects that are in the presale stage, most launchpads tend to go through a thorough vetting process to ensure each crypto project is trustworthy and of high quality. This is important to users as they know no matter which project they choose to invest in, it has been checked to ensure there should be no issues faced in the future for the investor. The two best launchpads for this include BoostX and Red Kite

Find a Diverse Range of Reliable Projects With BoostX

BoostX is a unique launchpad as it holds a diverse range of crypto projects. Putting each project through a thorough process to check its quality, potential, and reliability, users can invest safely. 

The main thing that stands out about BoostX is its ability to provide project creators with a list of options so they can customise their project’s presale in whichever way they like. From the type of pricing, bonuses, rewards, and more, the creators can personalise each project in whichever way will suit them, as well as attract investors. Many launchpads don’t offer this option which makes BoostX unique and attractive. 

BoostX also provides huge benefits to both investors and projects as the launchpad provides marketing for each project showcased on its platform. Publishing articles to a collection of news outlets will help by spreading awareness of the project and helping it grow a community. This is good for the project for obvious reasons, but also for investors because the more people that know about each project, the more successful it is likely to be. 

As every project is in the presale stage, investors can earn higher profits than those who choose to invest after its official launch. 

Fly High With Red Kite 

Another reliable launchpad is Red Kite. Similarly to BoostX, Red Kite has an intense hand-picking process to ensure each crypto project that is promoted on its platform is safe, reliable, and of high quality.

Focusing more on DeFi (decentralised finance) and the community, Red Kite ensures to deliver fair opportunities for all its users. This is why Red Kite has a lane-based swap system which ensures that every user has a chance to join projects based on their tier without having to resort to a gas war. 

Users are in different tiers based on their actions. Red Kite’s bot system monitors each user’s behaviour to set reputation points for each individual. This affects their ability to participate in project launches. This is a very different feature for a launchpad to have as it focuses heavily on fairness and equality for all users, allowing investors to benefit fairly. 

Which Launchpad Will Provide You With Bigger Profits?

Whilst both launchpads are unique and focus on their community of investors, it seems that BoostX provides larger opportunities for users to profit. This is due to its variety of features for each project, creating a nice range of projects for investors to choose from. 

By providing users with these options, investors can happily choose a reliable project to invest in that suits their needs for the long term. 

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