Kanye ‘Stop Asking Me To Do NFTs’ West is Going To Do NFTs


Kanye West could be planning to mint his own non-fungible tokens (NFT), as indicated by 17 new brand name applications recorded around the rapper’s Yeezus change self image. The move proposes the famous rapper-architect might have mellowed his enemy of NFT position since freely scrutinizing computerized craftsmanship collectibles recently.

West, who legitimately changed his name to Ye, recorded brand name applications for “blockchain-based non-fungible resources,” “monetary standards and tokens,” and “online retail location administrations including … advanced craftsmanship” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on May 27. The filings additionally recommend West could send off Yeezus-marked entertainment meccas.

The recording comes only months after West reported his lack of engagement in NFT projects in a manually written letter presented on his Instagram on Feb. 1, a post he has since erased, that explained that the rapper’s emphasis was on “building genuine items in reality.”

West’s post came closely following a viral meeting including Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon discussing their Bored Ape NFTs and a few other big name NFT supports. While West appeared to be unyielding in his letter that he wouldn’t hop into the NFT space at any point in the near future, he proposed that he could ultimately have a shift in perspective, finishing the note by requesting that fans “ask me [about NFTs] later.”

As VIP NFT tasks and supports become progressively well known, brand name filings have turned into a typical way for the rich and popular to consider going all in and make an underlying case. In April, soccer extraordinary David Beckham submitted three metaverse and NFT-related brand name applications while, in March, Notorious B.I.G., LLC, which oversees Biggie Smalls’ protected innovation, recorded three brand names that showed the organization’s probably plans to deliver NFTs of the late rapper.

Furthermore, in February, YouTube star, proficient fighter and NFT fan Logan Paul helped launch the pattern of superstars sending off their brands in Web3 by documenting a few NFT and metaverse brand names.


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