Japanese MP: Goods provided in crypto are not enough! We will continue


In the past few weeks, the deputy director of the web3 of the Japanese authorities, which made the process of simplifying the cryptocurrency law, said that the companies that are offered will not be enough and do not stop there.

MP Masaaki Taira, head of web3 development for Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, told Bloomberg via US media. Stating that the companies provided by the Virtual and Crypto Assets Association to list currencies and exchanges is a good development, but not at an absolute level, Taira said:

“It’s not enough, we shouldn’t stop at this point. The web3 domain for Japan offers many opportunities. If we go this fast, we will miss the train,” he said. The president strongly believes in web3

Taira is also known as the name that convinced Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to include the growth of the web3 in the country’s policy framework.

As it is known, Japan is one of the countries where the list of cryptocurrencies and stock exchange is subject to the most difficult conditions, but the country in the East of the World announced in October that it will take important measures to remove strict rules.

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