How to Buy Magic (MAGIC) Coin?


Treasure is a decentralized video game console that connects games and communities through imagination, MAGIC and NFTs.

What is Magic Coin (MAGIC)?

The platform says that they provide the necessary tools to turn users’ imagination into reality:

Sunday: Trove is a gamified NFT marketplace on Arbitrum in MAGIC and ETH.
Economics: Bridgeworld powers the sharing economy for Treasure through a generalized economic framework designed to foster inter-metaverse Decoupling and resource sharing.
In addition to these, the platform also lists the advantages it offers to its users as follows October:

Participation in one of the vibrant and passionate grassroots communities of builders, talents and users.
Cross-game NFT/token Decoupling, common infrastructure (e.g. Sunday, AMM) and the unified unit of account (MAGIC) to contribute to and benefit from significant network effects.
Scale (eg. volume, liquidity, users, TVL, resources) and leveraging a high-growth ecosystem with the depth and breadth of capabilities.

Launching operations and/or enriching the game appeal by accessing a highly desired token with multi-tiered demand (MAGIC) through grants.
Accessing the demand in the largest NFT Sunday in Arbitrum and the strongest in L2.
MAGIC, on the other hand, serves as the currency of the Treasure ecosystem and the money between the metaverses within the common economic Decile.

According to the statements made, MAGIC is designed to be found less and less as Treasure weaves an ever-growing network of narrative bridges within the metaverse ecosystem. Players can earn and use MAGIC by playing Bridgeworld and other playgrounds. Investing MAGIC in the Atlas Mine also allows its owners to manage the broader Treasure ecosystem.

Where to Buy MAGIC Coin?

MAGIC Coin can be safely bought and sold on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of transaction volume. MAGIC Coin is traded on the Binance platform in MAGIC / BTC, MAGIC /USDT and LIT/BUSD pairs. MAGIC Coin is trading at $0.77 at the time of the preparation of this guide.

In order to buy MAGIC, you must first become a member of the Binance exchange. Upon completion of membership, cryptocurrency or fiat currency must be transferred to the Binance passbook. After the completion of the transfer, you can buy MAGIC Coins from all three pairs mentioned above. To purchase from the MAGIC / USDT trading pair, you must first go to the interface of this pair. In the MAGIC/USDT interface, the amount to be purchased is entered in the field specified on the limit tab. After specifying the amount, the purchase process is carried out with the MAGIC Buy order.

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