How Many LUNC Burn Terra Classic Casino Perform This Month?


Terra Classic Casino continues to burn LUNC voluntarily. Terra Classic Casino, Terra Casino (@TerraCasino_io), played more than 23 million Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) in one tweet from the platform on Sunday. The betting game exceeded 23 million LUNC on Christmas day after sending a million LUNC to the light wallet.

“On behalf of the @TerraCasino_io team, we would like to wish all our customers and those who haven’t had a merry Christmas or holiday season,” the casino tweeted. “To help you celebrate, we lit another 5m fire.”

It should be noted that at the beginning more than a month ago, the platform promised to burn 0.2% of all betting volume. Before its launch, TerraCVita, a group of independent Terra Classic developers who have partnered with the betting platform, said that the casino could play 24 billion LUNC in six months. However, at its current rate, it is likely to sell only 138 million LUNC in the specified period. Even so, the deliberate fire of 23 million LUNCs will not be laughed at. Meanwhile, TerraCVita CEO Rex Harrison aka Rexzy (@RexYellerBelly) praised the casino for its efforts, admitting he was proud to be involved in the project.

“Proud to be part of this. “In one month, more than 23 million LUNCs were burned using excitement as a provocation,” wrote Rexzy.

In addition, TerraCVita supports the concept of voluntary fire to encourage the community to support the betting platform. Totally, casino is one of two cheats (dapp) lunc. Momthot, Tarra’s Parking of Tarra’s Tarrio, Terra Purdon, Terra tiers (@clandhorn_).

The hope is that the proliferation of DApps will encourage chaining and increase the number of LUNC light sources. So far, the Terra Classic network has run more than 36 billion LUNCs, or more than 0.5% of the 6 billion LUNCs. Holders burn an average of more than 327 million LUNCs per day, according to data from

Developers expect a huge increase in DApps when the chain reaches the size of LUNAv2. Recent reports reveal that it will come with the v2.0.3 update.

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