Exciting Altcoin Announcement from Binance! Here are the Details!


Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, continues to offer new cryptocurrency projects to its investors.

The new Binance Launchpad Project: Hooked Protocol (HOOK).

The cryptocurrency exchange will conduct a new token sale (IEO) on behalf of Hooked Protocol (HOOK), a platform focused on building a community-oriented social network with its tokenomic design on the chain, this time via Binance Launchpad. The exchange said in a statement, ”’Binance is the 29th on the Binance Launchpad. he is excited to announce his project. The token sale for Hooked Protocol will take place on 2022-11-24 at 03:00.” he made his announcement.

Here are the HOOK Token Sale Details:
Token Name: Hooked Protocol (HOOK)

Launchpad total value: 2.500.000 USD

Total value per user : 15.000 USD (150.000 HOOK)

Total Token Supply: 500.000.000 HOOK

Total Tokens Allocated to Binance Launchpad: 25,000,000 HOOK (5% of the Total Token Supply)

Public Token Price: 1 HOOK = 0.1 USD (The price in BNB will be determined before subscription)

Token Sale Format: Subscription

Supported Sessions: BNB Only

What is the Hooked Protocol?

Binance Labs, the venture capital and accelerator arm of Binance, co-led the seed round for Hooked Protocol with the Sequoia Seed Fund. Hooked Protocol is building a community-oriented social network with a tokenomic design on the chain. Users can learn, earn and enjoy the social platform with a gamified experience in the Hooked ecosystem. Hooked Protocol was initially launched on the BNB Chain and will later expand to other layer1 networks (Solana, Avalanche, etc.).

The applicability of the Hooked Protocol is defined by three basic pillars: identification, participation and association. The team integrates wallets and decentralized identifiers (DID’s) into the Hooked ecosystem, allowing users to automatically access their Web3 identities. He is also creating “interaction legos” around user acquisition and retention to help developers automate community interactions. For dApps developers, they can build applications on top of these “interaction” blocks using a plug-and-play approach.

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