Ethereum Whale Moved $280 Million Worth of ETH


The Ethereum whale moved 280 ETH worth about $247,979 million to an anonymous wallet.

According to Santiment’s data, there has been an increase in the ETH activities of whales recently.

According to the crypto analysis platform, there is a bottoming frenzy as the value of ETH has decreased by 25% compared to a year ago.

According to Santiment, the last time this happened, ETH started a rally that ended with a 50% increase.
“Active whale addresses continue to accumulate at a price a quarter less than ATH levels a year ago. November October and November 2020, this resulted in a price increase of 50%.”

Among the ETH transfers detected by Whate Alert, a transfer transaction of $102 million also drew attention. Dec.

Whale Alert pointed out that an ETH address that is active after seven years also carries $2.5 million in ETH.

ETH is trading at $1,203 according to CoinMarketCap data at the time of writing.

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