Enterprise-Class Derivatives on the Blockchain


Enterprise-class derivatives on the blockchain. Concordex, the first dedicated DEX (decentralized exchange) built on Concordium, has raised $1.7M in coins from Tacans Labs, Skynet Trading, Seier Capital and Concordium to bring institutional-level adoption to the Concordium blockchain ecosystem.

The volatility of volatility has seen an increase in interest following the collapse of the advanced trading system that is developing in all crypto spaces in 2022. Concordex will provide users with an industry-leading investment platform that bridges the gap between TradFi (traditional finance) and DeFi (deFi) through a variety of products and services, offering the right balance and business transactions.

Concordium–foundation of Institutional Decentralized Finance

Concordium is a unique public blockchain with an added authentication layer, providing users and entrepreneurs around the world with a secure way to trade and maintain trust and privacy that crypto users have come to fear. his eyes. Concordex will use the Concordium ecosystem to provide one of the DeFi infrastructure that supports the first law – the exchange and exchange of DeFi.

James Davies, head of product at Concordex, said:

“Concordex will bring real-time trading to DeFi through a wide range of trading tools, bridging the gap between TradFi (traditional money) and cryptocurrency.

The platform will provide a first-of-its-kind trade-in that will eventually become a fully-fledged Concordium-enabled marketplace.

In addition, the platform will provide advanced liquidity management, such as an adjustable liquidity pool that will enable providers to increase liquidity and increase returns over time.

By using the ends of the Concordium and the cover, the pools on the platform will be protected from the front run. It will also bring best-in-class AMM (automated marketing) to the Concordium ecosystem, allowing services to easily launch their own brands within the ecosystem. Lars Seier Christensen, founder of Seier Capital, said:

“With the growing lack of trust and unregulated exchanges, the exchange rate is a logical step in the evolution of crypto and blockchain technology.

Lone Fønss Schrøder, CEO of Concordium, said:

“We are excited to see the launch of the first dedicated DEX at Concordium. Concordex will help further our goal of making the Concordium ecosystem easier for individual users and companies while allowing them to retain control and ownership of their assets.

About Concordex

Concordex is an advanced financial management DEX of companies on the Concordium blockchain. The project was built by web 3.0 business Tacans Labs with a core team including award-winning entrepreneur Mathias Lundoe and industry veterans James Davies, Ivan Ivaschenko and Marie Tatibouet. The platform aims to launch on the mainnet in the first quarter of 2023.

Co-founded by Danish entrepreneur Lars Seier Christensen, founder of Saxo Bank and Concordium blockchain, and Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, a successful serial entrepreneur in many tech companies, Tacans Labs is the DeFi arm of Tacans, a web 3.0 business building also provided that. The blockchain economy of the future by building, investing, and acquiring expensive Web 3.0 businesses.

Launched in 2021, the group’s portfolio is seven Web 3.0 companies across multiple industries with a combined value of more than $63 million. For more information, please visit the website.

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