Data Breach Investigations


The FBI is investigating the 3Commas data breach, CoinDesk has learned. The investigation comes after weeks of criticism from employees of the Estonia-based crypto trading service, who say its CEO has repeatedly ignored warning signs that the platform is leaking personal data. job.

This week, 100,000 Binance and KuCoin API keys related to 3Commas were removed by an anonymous person. On Thursday, two 3Commas employees that agents from the FBI’s Cincinnati Field Office had contacted them about the leak. In the past few months, many users of 3Commas discovered that the service had, without their consent, bought money on the crypto exchange to which they were connected.

Initially, 3Commas said that these users may be victims of phishing and insisted that the platform is not safe. The data provider API said that someone at the company sold the keys to 3Commas, but 3Commas CEO Yuriy Sorokin said in a statement on Thursday that “3Commas insists that it did not find any evidence during an internal investigation that someone 3Commas project is involved in. any method and attack against API data.”

“When we learned that something suspicious was going on, we immediately started to investigate. We will continue the investigation in light of the new information and will also notify law enforcement,” Sorokin said in the statement.

The group of 3Commas victims, which is about 60 members, contacted the US Secret Service and other law enforcement officials to try to find out how their money was lost.

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