Crypto Whales and Altcoins


Crypto whales are individuals or groups that hold a large amount of a given currency – and they are looking for ways to increase the ROI of their crypto wallet. They do this by buying promising cryptos during their development and at the time of sale, giving them access to many altcoins before demand increases and prices rise. But what about some of the cryptos that point to these whales?

An experienced entrepreneur knows how to get a successful project in front of the crowd. One way to do this is to see the importance of a given activity to create buzz. For example, FightOut, a new project with strong financial support, has already generated some interest in its public presale, raising more than $2.1 million in a few days. They plan to open gyms, partner with celebrities, and launch an AI-powered army – taking advantage of various opportunities that could make their $FGHT brand popular in the future.

Another way whales benefit from presales is by receiving cash rewards. For example, FightOut offers investors up to 25% more tokens for purchases of $50,000 or more and 10% for token purchases of just $500. This makes it the best thing to buy in large amounts for large investors (whales) and small investors, helping to increase the value of altcoins before they go public.

Basically, if you’re looking to invest in a potentially high ROI project, follow the money and look for promising deals. You can often find the price greatly reduced by researching services with strong foundations that have piqued the interest of many investors before they start trading on the exchange. Recently, four presales have attracted the attention of whales and small investors: FGHT, D2T, TARO and RIA. All look promising for their new platform, community of investors, and experienced development team, despite their ambitious plans.

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Fight Out (FGHT)

FightOut is a new Move-to-Earn (M2E) app and fitness channel that allows users to earn tokens through physical activity. The project has received a lot of attention from crypto whalers, raising more than $ 1 million in its own 7-day auction. Now it is getting very fast in the first round of its public sale, as mentioned above. Crypto whales.

FightOut stands above other M2E programs for several reasons. For starters, FightOut’s technology allows users to view all exercises, not just the steps performed. Also, users don’t need to buy NFTs to get started; in FightOut, you are rewarded for making good choices instead of going around aimlessly, for example. The FightOut app allows users to represent themselves with a soulful avatar.

This avatar has physical attributes such as strength and cardio health, which allows you to access the metaverse community where health becomes social capital. As you achieve real-life fitness goals, your stats increase, and so does your avatar.

FightOut gym opens in late 2023. Each location will have a health bar, theater and work space. The FightOut Ambassador Program promises to bring in big names from the world of professional boxing as well as other famous athletes to help promote the brand through classes and other events. This service is already in high demand for the brand, so it can grow even more in 2023.

Dash 2 Trading (D2T)

Dash 2 Trading is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for data-driven investing information. This will be done by providing social impact analysis tools, buy and sell signals for the coin system, and a ranking system with advanced features for presales.

The recent FTX scandal has made many people invest in infrastructure to avoid cryptocurrency scams. In response, Dash 2 Trade announced that its platform will go live sooner than originally planned and that its token presale will end sooner than previously thought.

Most of the Dash 2 Trade projects will use the D2T token, which should create strong demand for the token. The current D2T token presale has raised $10.1 million and 76.5% of tokens have been sold. Also, a beta version of the pre-sale dashboard will be released in the near future.

RobotEra (TARO)

In RobotEra, players use only their robot companions to explore and rebuild Taro’s ruined planet. The game tool, which does not require any programming skills, allows you to create robots and personal assets.

Players can earn money by participating in quizzes, community events, and investing. They can also make money by selling space on billboards or buildings within the game area and sponsoring their own projects, charging other players an entry fee.

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