3 Top Cryptos Under $5 To Invest In Now – Cronos (CRO), Polygon (MATIC) and Pac-Man Frog (PAC) 


For people who are new to the crypto world and looking to invest, it might be intimidating to find that popular tokens like Ethereum (ETH) are worth a lot and this might discourage them. However, there are some coins that are currently very affordable and have great potential for profit like Pac-Man Frog (PAC)

Cronos (CRO)

Cronos (CRO) is a chain that exists at the intersection of Ethereum and Cosmos, one of the very few chains like that. It is an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible blockchain and CRO is the utility coin of the crypto.org chain and Cronos Chain that was developed by crypto exchange and financial services company, crypto.com. 

Cronos (CRO) is one of those cryptos that have been dubbed an Ethereum (ETH) killer which basically means any Layer 1 project that has high transaction speeds while maintaining low costs which makes it direct competition for Ethereum (ETH). The coin has been trading for less than $1 for the month of April, which makes it a good time to invest in the token as it has potential to have a price surge. 

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon (MATIC) is the first easy to use and well structured platform for Ethereum (ETH) scaling and infrastructure development. The platform was designed to have faster, low cost transactions unlike other cryptos. A core reason why Polygon (MATIC) should be a part of your portfolio is because of its future goals, which is that the developers plan to design a network of blockchains which will allow members to create interconnecting blockchain networks. American billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban has invested in Polygon because much like others who have invested in it, he recognises the potential of the token despite its current low price. 

Shooting Star, Pac-Man Frog (PAC) 

Pac-Man Frog (PAC) is a marketplace that will focus on gaming and NFT solutions with an emphasis on decentralised finance (DeFi). Its white paper shows plans for the creation of a gaming NFT marketplace, launchpad and a members’ onboarding platform. Pac-Man Frog (PAC) also has plans to develop an incubator dedicated to new blockchain based games and NFT projects in order to allow the opportunity to connect with peers and network. On top of that, the PAC token contains a governance mechanism that will allow its holders to vote on decisions regarding Pac-Man Frog’s growth and evolution. 

Aquasis Protocol (AQS) is another new and promising project in the crypto market. It is a decentralised finance (DeFi) launchpad project that aims to solve the issue of multiple payment outlets for users that a lot of other platforms have. With Aquasis Protocol (AQS), users will be able to benefit from zero fee services and risk free investments that won’t tamper with their deposits. This is gold in the investment world, and not just crypto. The AQS token which is the coin of Aquasis Protocol, will be used to distribute tokens to users that make deposits on the projects on Aquasis Protocol (AQS) and also to deposit tokens for the formulation of governance polls and the administration of the Aquasis Protocol (AQS) through the Aquasis web app. 

Both Aquasis Protocol (AQS) and Pac-Man Frog (PAC) are currently in their presale and will be available on exchanges in a few weeks, which makes it a good time for investors to add them to their portfolios. 

Pac-Man Frog (PAC) 



Aquasis Protocol (AQS) 




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