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Dan Held shared his bitcoin predictions for 2023. He said that btc will continue to be the best store of digital value ever. He thinks that people will choose the platform if it allows for informal money transfers.

Dan Held, Canadian ice hockey player and “btc rationalist,” recently shared his BTC predictions for 2023. He predicted that the coin would continue to be “the best digital store of value ever created”.

Apparently, on December 27, Dan Held tweeted that btc has the most reliable financial forecast on the planet: In 2013, Dan Held released a bitcoin data tool called ZeroBlock, which made him an active bitcoin investor. Finally, he co-founded The Picks & Shovels in 2017, a crypto investment platform.

Remarkably, his eight years of experience in digital assets led him to become the head and stock marketer at Kraken, one of the most popular crypto exchanges. At one time, during his first steps in btc, Dan Held said that bitcoin is “gold 2.0”

BTC solves the biggest problem in economics: storing value. It’s gold 2.0. It is a better hedge against inflation, it is known and covered, it is easily stored and delivered. Interestingly, he continued to believe in bitcoin. Although he said in 2021 that the price of the coin could reach $ 1 million mainly due to the extreme cold of crypto that has disturbed all crypto spaces, his statement is still not confirmed.

In addition, he predicted the great growth of BTC since its inception, as people began to see “more ideas in building on top of DeFi.

When talking about the main issue of crypto and btc, he said: “I think there will be this change in the BTC DeFi world. Currently, DeFi is not the same as Bitcoin, and many people think that these two terms do not go together.”

Confirming his previous statement, “BTC is what matters to me”, Dan Held continues to make positive predictions about the development of bitcoin, now saying that people will see bitcoin as the best store for money transfer users. unsecured money without any checks.

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