Coinbase and MicroStrategy: FTX Collapse Reduces Trust


In addition to high bond yields, it is believed that crypto money increases doubts about its long-term Decisiveness among institutional investors.
The bonds issued by the crypto currency exchange Coinbase and MicroStrategy, a business intelligence company and bitcoin investor, experienced a decline in share values as investor confidence in the sector slipped following the collapse of the FTX.

Institutional Confidence in Crypto Is Decreasing

According to data from Finra-Morningstar, Coinbase’s 2031 maturing bond fell by 15 percent this month to $ 0.5 in dollar terms, bringing the yield, which moves in the opposite direction of the price, to a record high of 13.5 percent. The decline comes after nearly three months of consolidation and marks an extension of the downward trend seen earlier this year. On the other hand, the company’s bond yield, which is payable in 2026, has risen to 17 percent.

Mike Alfred said in a statement addressing the issue:

“Higher bond yields sharply higher rates, as well as Terra Luna, Celsius, 3AC, Voyager, and BlockFi FTX high-profile, after the collapse of money reflects skepticism about the long-term viability among institutional investors crypto real”

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