Celphish Finance (CELP) and Avalanche (AVAX) – Anti inflation crypto of 2022


Since their launch, cryptocurrencies have gained far greater acceptance than the conventional financial market due to various usage-related factors. Celphish Finance news…

Only minor changes have been made over the years to accommodate customer demand for a better user experience, leaving the old banking system in place for a long time. Despite that, the traditional finance sector continues to have many issues, which is why the cryptocurrency market was created, birthing projects like Celphish Finance. 

One such issue is the traditional finance sector’s centralization, which has been a problem for some time. Many users prefer not to have a single organization managing their financial operations, and the traditional financial system cannot meet their needs. The coin market is involved in this. Many consumers now feel more secure and have switched their money to this industry as a result of the decentralization of the bitcoin market.


The threat of inflation is just another advantage luring investors to cryptocurrencies. A decrease in the ability of a given currency to buy goods and services over time is referred to as inflation in economics. It measures an economy’s growing prices for goods and services. In a centralized system, the central financial authority uses inflation to gauge how quickly the cost of goods and services is rising in a particular country. Inflation takes place in decentralized systems. However, the broad market rather than a centralized authority is used to measure it.

Even though many investors and financial professionals strongly advocate using cryptocurrencies and the blockchain to combat inflation, recession, and other financial restrictions associated with conventional fiat currencies, the cryptocurrency market has inflation issues that impact the blockchain

Despite the fact that prices in the coin market are volatile, the market outperforms the traditional market in terms of inflation. One of Coin’s main draws, in addition to its intriguing cryptocurrency pricing, is its capacity to serve as an inflation hedge. Cryptocurrency prices act as a safety net for investment funds against any inflation they would encounter in the traditional finance industry, even though they don’t totally avoid it. Anti-inflation crypto is frequently sought after for investment objectives. The two Bitcoin projects that are solid bets as anti-inflation Crypto projects are the main topic of this article. They are Avalanche (AVAX) and Celphish Finance (CELP).

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is another free and open-source decentralized application framework that promotes the creation of fresh business ideas and DApps. Users can quickly create their own Decentralized apps (DApps) and multipurpose blockchains using the platform Avalanche, developed by Ava Labs.


The Platform Chain, the Exchange Chain, and the Contract Chain are a network of three interconnected blockchains that make up the fast platform Avalanche (AVAX) (P-Chain). AVAX, the platform’s utility token, serves as the primary exchange token and a tool for staking.

Celphish Finance (CELP)

Powered by its online community, the cryptocurrency project Celphish Finance offers a peer-to-peer trading platform that is secure, quick, and easy to use. A project called Celphish Finance provides functionality for multi-chain liquidity sourcing. Additionally, it enables users to trade using various liquidity sources, such as Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) that operate on several blockchain networks.


CelphishSwap is one of the key components of Celphish Finance (CELP). This user-friendly, lightweight token exchange, called the CelphishSwap, does away with the necessity for a drawn-out verification process. CelphishSwap enables users to swap various tokens at the best exchange rates offered by the various pooled liquidity sources, decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

By integrating the necessary support for the crucial DEXs from these other chains, the Celphish Finance (CELP) platform enables a convenient trading environment for various users. They trade in different decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms on other blockchains. Additionally, CelphishSwap provides buyers and sellers with the chance to conduct value exchanges directly with other market participants without the use of an intermediary. With the ongoing CELP presale, you can gain up to a 4% bonus if you purchase in stage 3.

Celphish Finance (CELP)

Presale: http://cel.celphish.io/presale 

Website: http://celphish.io/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/CelphishFinanceOfficial 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CelphishFinance 

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