How Are Multi-Chain Launchpads – BoostX, Red Kite, And TrustPad – Improving The Crypto Sphere?


If you are new to the crypto space, launchpads are probably not the first thing on your mind when learning about different cryptocurrencies. However, there are certain benefits that they can provide to beginner and experienced investors. BoostX news…

Launchpads improve accessibility to new crypto projects by allowing users to purchase presale tokens. Finding reliable information and up-to-date data about new cryptocurrency initiatives also saves a lot of time for investors during their research and decision-making process. 

Three prominent launchpads currently leading the way among the multi-chain launchpad platforms are BoostX, Red Kite, and TrustPad. Their exceptional features make them stand out from the market, thus it is worth checking out which one is the best suited for your needs. 

BoostX Offers A Great Project Variety 

Even though it is a newbie in the crypto space, BoostX has been overtaking many other launchpads with its growing popularity among the crypto community. Created to serve the requirements of both innovators and investors, BoostX provides unique opportunities to develop and invest. 

BoostX was created with a focus on multi-chain capabilities to incorporate different types of blockchains. At the moment, it supports projects created primarily on public blockchains, such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Terra. 

The launchpad provides creators with a dynamic dashboard to allow them to customise their projects. Many innovators’ needs are covered by the options to choose the type of pricing, rewards, bonuses, and much more. 

Red Kite Hand-Picking The New Projects

Gaining attention from crypto enthusiasts, Red Kite claims to have an extremely selective process of choosing the new crypto projects to facilitate on its platform, thus providing more assurance to the investors. 

Similarly to BoostX, Red Kite has also implemented a multi-chain strategy to support the diversity of types of blockchains. These currently include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon but the launchpad is set to add more in the future. 

Red Kite launchpad is highly focused on fairness and community members. Its tier and reputation system was created to provide equal opportunities to all users based on their actions and participation. This feature enables the launchpad to stand out in the crypto space because of its attention to ensuring fairness for all investors.

TrustPad’s Attractive Security Promise

Claiming to be the safest launchpad in the crypto space, TrustPad launches high-quality projects that are deemed to be safe to invest in. It serves the primary purpose of a launchpad – fundraising for new cryptocurrencies. However, it improves this process by only offering thoroughly vetted initiatives, which ensures more reliable investments. 

Even though TrustPad is currently positioned to support Binance Smart Chain, it is possible to integrate with Ethereum’s blockchain as well. The launchpad’s vision is focused on providing and maintaining quality over quantity, thus its project implementation is usually slower but more assured and reliable. 

How Can You Benefit From Crypto Launchpads? 

Whether you are new to the crypto world or not, launchpads can provide you with easy access to new crypto projects that are being offered in presale. Launchpad platforms typically provide detailed and well-sourced information about the platform’s crypto initiatives, thus helping you make well-informed investment decisions. Diversification may benefit any investor’s portfolio, which makes it valuable to learn more about presale tokens.

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