Binance Emerges as Dominant Player in Crypto Industry with 92% Market Share, According to Arcane Research


Changpeng Zhao tweets about the Binance hack. Zhao confirmed the increase in BTC trading volume on the largest crypto exchange. ACCA research detects the market market of BTC product increased by 92%.

Talk to Stritto Twitter, Changpeng Zhao, the head of biince, tweeted by change changes. After the Twitter community saw Binance’s gains, Zhao attributed the rise to BTC trading on major crypto exchanges.
Arcane research found that Binance’s market share of BTC increased by 92%, establishing its dominance in the crypto industry by the end of 2022. Meanwhile, Binance reportedly saw a 45% increase on Sunday.

In addition, Arcane Research estimated that Binance also had 66% of crypto perp volume and 61% of BTC issuance at the end of last year. After the update of the price, the report mentioned in more than paying incompetent conversation against the topic.

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Crypto Industry Looks to Prosperous Future as NFT Markets Fall and Hack Related Losses Reach $3 Billion

Arcane’s discovery made it out on “2022 -ear”. The research company also found that Stablesco is already increasingly in market in 2022. On the dark side of the crypto world, Arcane Research also found that NFT markets fell; DeFi and hacks related to the $3 billion bridge; and 2022 is a very difficult year for miners when they face annual setbacks of 90% e.g.

With the beginning of the new era, the crypto community is looking forward to a time of prosperity and prosperity, hoping that many crypto projects will rise after surviving the cold. The CEO of Binance also shared a joke from a fan saying, “Why is it that the more rumors we spread about Binance, the more the stock market gains?” This is a sign of a bright future for the crypto industry.

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