An Explanation Has Come from Binance for These 5 Altcoins and Others: We are Investigating!


The world’s largest crypto currency exchange Binance, the official Twitter account of the last 24 hours, the subject of controversy for the rise in some altcoins, he explained. The crypto currency exchange said that they are aware of abnormal price movements in the altcoins in question, suspicious accounts that are considered to be involved in the incident are being investigated and appropriate measures are being taken.

Those 5 Altcoins That Binance Pointed Out

The giant cryptocurrency exchange Binance pointed to SUN, ARDR, OSMO, FUN and GLM, stating that they are aware of the abnormal price movement seen in some altcoins in the last 24 hours and that they are investigating the incident. “At Binance, we are aware of abnormal price movements in certain trading pairs involving assets such as SUN, ARDR, OSMO, FUN and GLM,” the statement said. Our team is investigating suspicious accounts and taking appropriate action. This incident does not appear to be caused by stolen/hacked accounts or stolen API keys. The funds are safe. We will update this title if any new information is received.” his grade has been deducted.

What Had Happened?

Cryptocurrency investors and traders have witnessed sharp rises in certain trading pairs of certain altcoins listed on Binance in the last 24 hours, followed by sharp falls within minutes. As the crypto money exchange also pointed out, the most notable of these altcoins were SUN, ARDR, OSMO, FUN and GLM. For example, the price of ARDR went from $0.078 to $0.1272 in a matter of minutes on December 10. Similarly, the price of OSMO rose sharply and went from $0.896 to $1.11 in a matter of minutes.

Altcoin hard to make sense of the rise of the couple in some specific processing crypto currency investors and traders though some would argue that price manipulation is a simple question of price movements in high-Binance hack accounts using the available balance in the accounts and that some wealthy altcoin it was suggested that low volume was inflated as a snapshot. Although the crypto currency exchange opposes the claims in this direction, it seems that the incident has not yet become clear.

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